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Xookz is the Best third party app store for iPhone Devices. Download Xookz and find all online jailbreak / Jailbreak alternative methods

Most of iPhones users are interested in the topic of jailbreaking.Due to that developers have created jailbreak apps and solutions. But as users we all have many problems regarding the device security, warranty and many more.

To all problems Xookz is the best solution because in this app manager we have gathered the best and most popular jailbreak apps / solutions that you can use without any risk. And also all the solutions are trusted by the genius with no risk.


Xookz consists of many impressive 3rd party apps collection. Here are the top rated, most downloaded apps you can download from Xookz free.

Most popular Apps


Sileem is a jailbreak repo extractor method to install Jailbreak apps for Latest iOS Versions


Zeon is a Jailbreak repo extractor method to install Jailbreak/3rd party apps for all latest iOS versions.

Hexxa Plus

You can install Jailbreak and 3rd party apps from Hexxa Plus Jailbreak repo extractor .

Cydia 2

Cydia2 is the best method to run 3rd party iOS apps on your idevices. it Compatible with iOS 16 +

Jailbreak Apps


You can install Unc0ver app and virtually jailbreak your iOS 15 device online to install Cydia


Bregxi is Jailbreak repo extractor for install Jailbreak and 3rd party apps via extracting repos.


You can install Checkra1n app and virtually jailbreak your iOS device online to install Cydia

Tijong Xuni

You can install & get Cydia 2 app experience by using the Tijong xūnǐ virtual Jailbreak application

App Stores

FlekSt0re Pro

FlekStore is an iOS application installer to easily install third-party apps without Jailbreak


CyrusHub allows you install apps, tweaks, emulators, jailbreak tools on your idevice without jailbreak.


You can install Jailbreak apps to your non-Jailbroken device via Jailbreak app installer


Using Sideload Store is allows you to get direct IPA install links & VIP App store is also available to install applications.


Ela Themes

Ela Theme Store allows install themes to non jailbroken Devices. Jailbroken users also can use this. You can get colorful and amazing themes from Ela without Jailbreak.


Desier ia a Widget Pack for Non-Jailbroken and Jailbroken Devices. it supports all the latest iOS and iPad versions above iOS 14. Some widgets are not compatible with iPad Models.


iNifty has a large collection of themes & it can customize your Home screen interface without jailbreak.
Get inifty and make change on your iDevice

Dream Store

Cydia DreamBoard lets you customize homescreen ever you want. But DreamBoard no longer works on latest iOS versions. So Dream Store is the best and only alternative and it is let you customize the Homescreen.


Os Store

OsStore is an extended web-based operating system collection which helps to run with your current Operating system


Hopy is ultimate collection of games. you can Play games without any in-app purchases & no need to download or install.


YIV is biggest 3rd party game store from chinese hackers. No need to download or install to play games. No In-app purchases.

FND Store

You can download and install over 2.2 million appstore apps very easily via FND store.