iOS 17.4 jailbreak

In this article we have listed all top verified iOS 17.4 jailbreak methods by jailbreak communities and also we have given the jailbreak guide to each jailbreak method. 

To jailbreak iOS 17.4 beta first you have to install iOS 17.4 beta on your device. After that you can choose your best jailbreak iOS 17.4 solutions according to your device model and complete the jailbreak process.

1. Top 6 iOS 17.4 jailbreak methods in jailbreak communities

This is the most important section in this article. As we discussed above you can choose your best iOS 17.4 jailbreak method according to your iOS version. 

After completing the jailbreak iOS 17.4  with below methods you can install Cydia, Sileo or Zebra package managers. The main point is the features of each package manager are different from each other. 

Select your best iOS 17.4 beta 1 – iOS 17.4 beta 4 jailbreak method from below.

1.1. Palera1n Virtual Jailbreak

Why Palear1n virtual for iOS 17.4 ?

How to check the device and version compatibility of Palear1n Virtual?

What are the special features of Palear1n Virtual Sileo?

Palera1n virtual jailbreak is the latest iOS 17.4 jailbreak method compatible with the latest iPhone 15 jailbreak also. You can install Sileo after completing the jailbreaking process successfully. Sileo is the alternative package manager to the official app store.

Palera1n virtual terminal jailbreak

(Compatibility and jailbreak guide)

Special features of Palera1n Sileo ?

  • You can install Sileo that is especially designed for iOS 17.4 beta. Some of special features for iOS 17.4 are – 3 Dos Themes, 3Dthemes, iface Skins packages
  • In Palear1n Virtual Sileo ,” New tab” , you can find all the latest information’s , updates about Palera1n team, Palear1n virtual jailbreak and palera1n jailbreak tool.
  • When we are looking to Palera1n Virtual Sileo ” Search” tab, you can find Snowborad themes and also Cydia installation is available in that tab.

Must have to say is above listed features are only little bit. After you installed Palera1n Sileo you can find more features that make your iOS device more attractive.

1.2 Hacksn0w Semi Jailbreak

Why Hacksnow jailbreak for iOS 17.4 ?

How to check the device and version compatibility of hacksnow jailbreak?

What are the special features of hacksn0w jailbreak?

Hacksnow semi jailbreak is now compatible with iOS 17.4 jailbreak. After completing the jailbreak process with hacksn0w jailbreak you can install four package managers including Cydia 2, Cydia, Cydia black and Sileo. This is an online jailbreak method because of that you do not need a Mac or PC to complete the jailbreaking process.

(Compatibility and jailbreak guide)

Special features of Hacksnow Jailbreak

  • You can install most popular package managers with Hacksnow jailbreak including Cydia2, Cydia, Cydia Black and Sileo.
  • No bugs and errors found after jailbreaking.
  • Filled with latest iOS 17.4 jailbreak features.

1.3. Checkra1n mirror jailbreak – Cydia  support

Why Checkra1n mirror for iOS 17.4 ?

How to check the device and version compatibility of Checkra1n mirror?

What are the special features of Checkra1n mirror cydia?

Checkra1n mirror jailbreak is the most popular iOS 17.4 jailbreak method now in jailbreak discussions. The reasons are checkra1n mirror is specially designed by a well-known experienced team in the jailbreak community and especially designed for iOS 17 and higher version jailbreak.

(Compatibility and jailbreak guide)

Special features of Checkra1n mirror cydia

  • Official Cydia is not updating for latest iOS versions. Becuase of that Checkra1n mirror jailbreak supports to install a alternative solution to Cydia as Cydia lite.
  • Checkra1n mirror Cydia filled with new iOS 17 features. Ex – Upgrading & Jailbreak help, More package sources, Copying files to/ from device
  • You can find Jailbreak QA(support), /r/jailbreak on reddit supports in Checkra1n mirror Cydia

1.4. Sileem repo extractor –  Cydia lite / Cydia 2 / Sileo lite Support

Why Sileem for iOS 17.4 ?

How to check the device and version compatibility of Sileem?

What are the special features of Sileem?

According to the iOS 17.4 jailbreak discussions Sileem repo extractor is in the top three iOS 17.4 jailbreak category. You can install three package managers with Sileo including Cydia lite/ Sileo lite and Cydia 2. Another main point is with Sileem you can get popular games 2024, Music apps, Movie apps and more interesting features.

(Compatibility and jailbreak guide)

  • You can find 3rdparty app stores, popular games, System Tweaks and more interesting features in Sileem
  • In Sileem themes collection you can find Gold_V2, Skeuo, Ecru , Pavo and more interesting themes
  • You can find Water Eject, iTask, Battery Manager and more useful utility apps in Sileem Utility Tweak Apps section.

1.5. Unc0ver Black edition – Cydia Black Support

Why Unc0ver Black for iOS 17.4 ?

How to check the device and version compatibility of Uncover Black?

What are the special features of Unc0ver Black Cydia?

Unc0ver Black edition is one of the best solutions for jailbreaking iOS 17.4. This is a totally online jailbreak method that supports installing Black Cydia after completing the jailbreaking procedure. Black cydia is an alternative third party app store to Cydia.

(Compatibility and jailbreak guide)

Special features of Unc0ver Black Cydia

  • You can install Cydia Black after competing the jailbreak process.
  • In Cydia Black you can find JB App Managers, 3rd Party Apps, Computer OSes, iOS launchers and Online Games.
  • In Cydia Dark Categories section you can find Medical, Travel, Dev Tools, Widgets, Games, Productivity, Education, Graphics Designs and Kids

1.6. Tijong Xuni Virtual JailbreakCydia 2 support

Why Tijong Xuni for iOS 17.4 ?

How to check the device and version compatibility of Uncover Black?

What are the special features Tijong Xuni Cydia2 ?

This is a virtual jailbreak tool released for jailbreak iOS 15 and higher versions. Same as Xina Virtual jailbreak , TijongXuni Virtual jailbreak also got famous after updating for jailbreak iOS 17.4. TijongXuni Virtual Jailbreak supports installing Cydia 2 after completing the jailbreaking procedure. 

(Compatibility and jailbreak guide)

special features Tijong Xuni Cydia2

  • Cydia 2 has becoming the most popular alternative solution of Cydia Official.
  • You can find best Cydia 2 repos for iOS 17.4 beta 1 to iOS 17.4 beta 4
  • Some of the popular Cydia 2 repos are Depth Repository, Tools Repository, Online Games Repository and Sparkle Repository.

Steps to Setup iOS 17.4 beta on your device 

  1. Open the Safari browser and go to, select “Discover” > “System” > “Download”.
  2. After you log in to your developer account, visit the iOS 17.4 beta website.
  3. Next, select “Download”. iOS 17.4 beta will start downloading.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Profile downloaded on your smartphone. Here select Install > Enter your passcode. Tap Restart to apply the changes.
  5. After reboot, go to Settings > General > Software Update. When the update appears, select Download and Install.
  6. You have now loaded iOS 17.4 beta on your iPhone. 

iOS 17.4 jailbreak FAQ 

Question – When does final iOS 17.4 will release?

Question – When will final iOS 17.4 be released?

Answer – According to the latest updates , iOS 17.4 will released soon than expexted.

Answer – jailbreaking allows customers to customize their device beyond the Apple restrictions, allows them to get third party app stores and allows advanced functionality.

Question – In jailbreak history , most of the jailbreak customers have faced many side effects. Because of that is it secure to skip for a jailbreak?

Answer – Yes. Because now all the latest jailbreak solutions are avoiding drawbacks of jailbreaking by regular updates. All the above iOS 17.4 jailbreak methods also like that. We recommend that if you use one of the jailbreak methods mentioned above you will never get any issue after jailbreaking.

Question – is iOS 17.4 jailbreaking legal?

Answer – Yes. It is legal.

Question – Can I rejailbreak my device after jailbreaking?

Answer – Yes. all the above iOS 17.4 jailbreak methods have a rejailbreaking process also.

Question – is it worth jailbreaking iOS in 2024?

Answer –  Yes. you can select a suitable jailbreak method recommended from jailbreak communities and complete the jailbreaking process without any issues. 

Above we have listed most popular iOS 17.4 jailbreak methods in jailbreak communities. But if you are using a device supports iOS 17.3, iOS 17.2 , iOS 17.1 or iOS 17 you can visit below pages to find the best jailbreak solution.

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