iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 Jailbreak

This article contains a list of all iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 Jailbreak solutions sorted by popularity.

First make sure that your iPhone/iPad is running iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1, then without a doubt try the options below. All the jailbreak methods in this list are reliable and completely safe to use. You can review user experience in “User Reviews” section.

01. Jailbreak iPhone models running iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1

02. iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 Jailbreak methods

03 . Latest updates on iOS 17.3 and iOS 17.3.1

04. iOS 17.3 jailbreak FAQ

1. Jailbreak iPhone models running iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1

1.1iPhone 15 series – Try using Sileem Repo Extractor to install jailbroken application managers. The app manager repository can be extracted by jailbreak on its first try. After that, installing Cydia Lite, Sileo Lite and Cydia 2 was flawless.

1.2 iPhone 14 series – We made two attempts to use Tijong Xuni virtual jailbreak to install Cydia 2. Every attempt was a complete success. After installing Cydia 2 it was able to install and use Cydia 2 apps. Installing third-party apps and JB app managers is tedious. Every installed app works fine.

On the second attempt, I was able to install Dopamine17 Online Jailbreak, which then works flawlessly. A bad internet connection caused the first attempt to fail. As Dopemine17 Online Jailbreak is a web-based jailbreak solution, we request you verify your internet connection before installing. I have uninstalled and reloaded the software to see how well it works. Next, try installing Zebra’s optional package management and Sileo. Installations went well.

1.3 – iPhone 13 series – Try Sileem repo extractor on an iPhone 13 running iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 , System Tweak was able to extract to the repository. After extracting the system tweak repository, the list of system tweaks will be provided. Installation of ShowAE, Vertiblue, Showlive themes, and third-party Glance changes were possible.

Unc0ver Black Edition has been successfully installed. Next, launch the jailbreak procedure for Unc0ver Black Edition. Then, successfully installed Cydia Dark on iPhone 13 running iOS 17.3.

Installed Zeon Sileo and Zeon Cydia directly from the Zeon app. Both apps work flawlessly. Downloaded it to Cydia 100% error-free using Zeon.

Installed Cydia 2 with Tijong Xuni. Then several iOS launchers, online gaming apps, and PC operating systems were installed. Every program was installable and flawless.

1.4 – iPhone 12 series – Using the Zeon repo extractor, I installed the DreamStore themes, the iNifty (Dark) theme, and the racing game apps. Theme installations went well. The racing game works flawlessly.

Installed Cydia lite from Hacksn0w without any problem. After installation, it should work without interruption.

1.5 – iPhone 11 series – Installed Cydia Dark after jailbreaking Unc0ver Black Edition. Cydia Dark does not require any PC support to install. Thus, Unc0ver Black works as a NO PC jailbreak fix.

Semi-jailbreak solution Sileo Lite from Hacksn0w installed. No mistake. There is no lag on the device. No battery discharge.

1.6 – iPhone XR series – Cydia 2 has a limited number of theme apps loaded from Tijong Xuni. Big Sur, ClassyGold, Darken, Ecru, and Jewel themes were installed without any problems. Runs smoothly. Installed Cydia 2, a replacement for Cydia from HackSnow. Worked fine with Cydia 2 on iPhone.

2. iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 Jailbreak methods

2.1 – Palera1n Virtual Jailbreak : Sileo support

Palera1n virtual jailbreak is the best solution for iOS 17.3 and iOS 17.5 – iOS 17.5.1 jailbreak. You can install Sileo after completing the jailbreak process with Sileo. Another important point of Palera1n jailbreak is that this jailbreak method is 100% online jailbreak method.

Palera1n virtual terminal jailbreak

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User Reviews

Neligh Camelia

“Palera1n virtual jailbreak is the ideal solution for iOS 17.3 jailbreak. This jailbreak method is working as an online jailbreak method and I must have to say no errors found before or after jailbreaking. “

Nia Romero

“Amazing collection of themes, repos and more interesting features are available in Palera1n virtual jailbreak. Highly recommended.”

2.2 – Hacksn0w Jailbreak

Hacksnow jailbreak is the best online semi-jailbreak method  that is now compatible with iOS 17.3 and higher versions jailbreak including iOS 18. The special feature of Hacksnow jailbreak is you can install Cydia, Sileo, Cydia black and Cydia 2. You can install new iOS 17.3 jailbreak features with Hacksnow jailbreak.

User Reviews

Zackary Owen

“Hacksnow jailbreak is the latest online jailbreak method helps me to customize my iPhone 13 pro device more friendly and useful. recommended to install and use without any doubt”

Fleur Carrillo

“Wow, This jailbreak app is amazing, i installed most popular Cydia 2 with Hacksnow jailbreak. This is awesome. “

2.3 – Uncover Black Edition : Black Cydia support  

Another way to jailbreak iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 is Unc0ver Black Edition. The alternative method for the Unc0ver Jailbreak tool is Unc0ver Black Edition. iOS 11 to iOS 14.8 semi-tethered jailbreak is compatible with Unc0ver. However, Unc0ver Black Edition is compatible with iOS versions 16.0.3 to 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 and also compatible with the latest device types.

Guide line

Remarks – Unc0ver Black Edition We can see Unc0ver Black as an additional top jailbreak iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 alternative depending on how the jailbreak procedure was performed.

User Reviews

Christopher Rice

“Uncover Black is the best online jailbreak method that i have ever used. I want to say , now my device is filled with more customizations and brand new features. “

Nolan Lindsey

” I used Uncover Black for iOS 17.2 and iOS 17.3.1 jailbreak. The jailbreak process is so fast and I didn’t get any errors in the jailbreak process. “

Acacia Garcia

” One of the jailbreak tool I have ever used”

2.4 – Dopamine Jailbreak

Dopamine jailbreak is a newly released jailbreak tool based on Fugu 15 jailbreak. In Dopamine jailbreak Sileo is the default package manager and Ellekit is working as the tweak injection library.Dopamine jailbreak released the latest version as v2.0. This Dopamine jailbreak version is compatible with iOS 15 – iOS 16.6.1 and arm64 (A9 – A11) , arm64e (A12 – A16, M1 – M2) devices. This is all about the Dopamine jailbreak tool. 

But if you are device is with iOS 16.6.2 and higher Including iOS 17 jailbreak– iOS 17.3jailbreak. you have new Dopamine jailbreak version as Dopamine online jailbreak tool.The special features of this online jailbreak tool is you can get both Sileo and Zebra package managers. 

User Reviews

Tom Hargraves

“This is the online jailbreak method that is most popular in iOS jailbreaking communities. The reason to the popularity is you can get both Sileo and Zebra packages. “

Fawn Sims

“Respect to the developer, this is the best jailbreak I have ever experience. Install this app without any doubt. “

Eileen Wood

“The special features I have seen in this app is, after installing this app regularly new updates are coming with new add-on features. ”

2.5 – Sileem repo extractor  : Cydia lite / Cydia 2 / Sileo lite Support

The most commonly used jailbreak tool for iOS 17 and beyond is called Sileem Repo Extractor, which can also unlock iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 . Sileem works with all the latest iPhone models. 

This repository extractor works as a web-based jailbreak fix. Sileem does not disclaim any consequential device warranty. Because Sileem is available in both English and Japanese, its greater accessibility and convenience can benefit a larger user base.

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Remarks – Based on the behavior of devices running iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 we can confirm that Sileem Repo Extractor is the best iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 Jailbreak option.

User Reviews

Tommy Valentine

“Sileem Repo Extractor has greatly improved my experience with repository data extraction. The user interface is extremely user-friendly, making it simple even for individuals with less technical knowledge. The tool’s easy design helps me to explore it fast, saving me a lot of time in my everyday process.”

Ramon Gracia

“It retrieves data from repositories with outstanding speed. As a developer, time is of the importance, and this tool produces quick results while maintaining accuracy.”

2.6 – Tijong Xuni : Cydia 2 support

Originally developed in China, Tijong Xuni is a jailbreak tool for the latest iOS releases. Virtual Jailbreaking using TiJong Xūni was compatible with all previous versions of iOS, from 15. to 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1. Thus, we decided to use a combination of new and old iPhone models to verify the compatibility of TiJong Xūni with the latest iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 . I am happy that there are no errors reported. The test report is available here.

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Remarks – there are no issues about any thing. We took two attempts to use Tijon Xuni virtual jailbreak to install Cydia 2. Every attempt was a complete success. Every installed app works fine.

User Reviews

Agnes Francis

“Having used Tijong Xuni jailbreak for earlier iOS versions, I had high hopes for the iOS 17.3 jailbreak, and I’m delighted to report that they were exceeded! The creators have continually enhanced their tool, resulting in a simple and secure jailbreaking experience.”

Cara Livingston

” Tijong Xuni Virtual jailbreak helps to get more control over my iPhone 12 pro. This is one of the best jailbreak tool I have ever experience.”

2.7 – Zeon Repo Extractor : New collection of repositories

Zeon Repo Extractor is the best jailbreak repo extractor for installing third-party apps, JB apps, themes and mods. You can check out some incredible features from Zeon on your iPhone. We used the following devices to try to install a Zeon repo extractor. Almost all programs installed successfully on the first try.

Guide line

Remarks – Based on our tests, we can declare Zeon jailbreak repo extractor as the best jailbreak option for iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1.

User Reviews

Ivan Saunders

“Zeon Repo Extractor provides step-by-step guides for installation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for users.”

Oswald Scott

“Users can easily install Zeon repo extractor online with a few taps, eliminating the need for a Windows or Mac computer and streamlining the installation process “

Hayden Davis

“Zeon offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for users who are looking to customize their iOS experience through jailbreaking.”

iOS 17.3 jailbreak FAQ

Question – What is the best iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 jailbreak method?

Answer – According to the latest updates , Now the popular iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 jailbreak methods in jailbreak communities are Hacksnow Jailbreak and Palera1n Virtual jailbreak.

Question –  Why does iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 want to jailbreak?

Answer – As we all know, the new iOS version comes with new varieties of features but that features are limited by Apple. If you jailbreak your iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 then you can unlock your device to the wide range of features.

Question – What are the most safe jailbreak iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 methods?

Answer –  According to the genius jailbreak discussions and communities above listed methods are the best iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 jailbreak methods. Because all the jailbreak methods are totally online, there is no need for the PC to jailbreak or reverse jailbreak and the important point is that in a second you can remove jailbreak from your device. 

Question – Does device warranty lose after jailbreaking? 

Answer –  No, if you choose one of the iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 jailbreak methods mentioned above we can confirm you will not get any errors after jailbreaking.

Question – Is iOS jailbreaking legal?

Answer – Yes , many countries including the United States allow jailbreak their Apple devices.

Question – How can I find the latest iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1jailbreak news? 

Answer – In this page we are updating all the iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 jailbreak updates. Until now the jailbreak communities only listaed best iOS 17.3 jailbreak methods. If a change on that list or any iOS 17.3 – iOS 17.3.1 jailbreak update in the jailbreak community we confirm you can find all the latest details from this page.