iPhone Jailbreak

This page provides a comprehensive list of the latest iPhone jailbreak solutions and tools that are compatible with various device models and iOS versions. By using these jailbreak solutions users can access collections of new wallpapers, themes, games, tweaks and other exciting features that are not available through the official App store. These tools are freshly released and offer the most up to date jailbreak option for iPhone users.

Regarding the topic of the latest iPhone jailbreak we have listed jailbreaking solutions that differ from each other. Select the most suitable jailbreak solution to your device and enjoy jailbreaking for free.

Select Your Device Model

Jailbreak iPhone 14

There are several jailbreak solutions available if you have upgraded your iPhone 14 to the latest iOS version. We recommend using Sileem if your iOS version is iOS 16 – 16.4.1. Otherwise you can find more solutions for iOS 15.7.6 and below versions from our iPhone 14 Jailbreak page.


Sileem is a newly released repo extractor focused on iPhone 14 jailbreak and also Sileem is compatible with iOS 16.5. If your iPhone 14 device is not in iOS 16.5 version visit our page to find the best jailbreak solution compatible with your iPhone.

iPhone jailbreak - Sileem

The best solution for iPhone 14 device jailbreak is Sileem. But there are many alternative jailbreak solutions working fine with iPhone 14 device models. Tap here for more information.

Jailbreak iPhone 13

If you have upgraded your iPhone 13 to the latest iOS version and are looking to jailbreak it,there are various options available. However, We suggest using Zylon if your iOS version falls between iOS 15 – iOS 15.7.6. Or else you can explore additional jailbreak solutions for iOS 14.8 and below versions from visiting our iPhone 13 jailbreak page.


Zylon is a third party app store compatible with iPhone 13 device models and also compatible with iOS 15.7.6. If you are not in iOS 15.7.6 , you can find the best jailbreak solution from here. We can mark Zylon as an alternative to the app store. Zylon supports installing the best collection of jailbreak apps, games and more.

iPhone jailbreak - Zylon

Zylon is a suitable solution for iPhone 13 jailbreak. But you can try with iPhone 13 jailbreak to find another jailbreak solution compatible with iPhone 13.

Jailbreak iPhone 12

In case you have upgraded your iPhone 12 to the latest iOS version and wish to jailbreak it, you can find a range of jailbreak solutions. From all we propose Zeon is the best jailbreak solution to iPhone 12 with iOS 14 – iOS 14.8. If your iPhone 12 is running on iOS 13.7 or below version visit iPhone 12 jailbreak page to find the optimal solution.


Zeon is compatible with all device models including iPhone 12 and also compatible with iOS 14.8 version. suppose if your not in the iOS 14.8 , you will be able t find the best jailbreak solution from here.

iPhone jailbreak - Zeon

But Zeon is not the one and only solution for iPhone 12 jailbreaking.

Suppose your iPhone 12 is with another iOS version click here to get the best jailbreak solution to iPhone jailbreak. 

Jailbreak iPhone 11

When it comes to jailbreaking your iPhone 11 that runs on the latest iOS version there are various jailbreak solutions that you can choose. We recommend using the Hexxa Plus repo extractor to jailbreak your iPhone 12 device with iOS 13 – iOS 13.7. If your iPhone 12 is running on iOS 12.5 or below version you can access additional jailbreak solutions by referring to the iPhone 11 Jailbreak page.

Hexxa Plus

Hexxa Plus is a repo extractor compatible with iPhone 11 including all latest devices and also compatible with  iOS 13.7 versions. If your iPhone 11 is with a different iOS version visit iPhone 11 jailbreak to find the best jailbreak solution.

iPhone jailbreak - Hexxa Plus

Many jailbreak solutions are compatible with iPhone 11 device models. Tap here to explore more on iPhone 11 jailbreak.

Jailbreak iPhone x/xr/xs

For those who have upgraded their iPhone X to the latest iOS version and want to jailbreak it, there are numerous jailbreak solutions available. However we suggest opting Sileem if your iOS version is between iOS 12 – iOS 12.5. In case your iPhone X is running on iOS 11.4 or below versions refer iPhone X jailbreak page to find the optimal jailbreak solution.


Sileem is a repo extractor that allows users to extract repositories. This repo extractor supports installing newly released wallpapers, games, themes and more. Sileem is the most suitable iPhone X jailbreak method running iOS 12.5, don’t worry if you are in a different iOS version. Click here for more information.

iPhone jailbreak - Sileem

Jailbreak iPhone SE

In iPhone SE jailbreaking the most suitable jailbreak solution is Xina jailbreak. You can get Sileo after the jailbreaking is completed with Xina Jailbreak.

iPhone jailbreak - Xina jailbreak

DirtyC0w Jailbreak

DirtyC0w jailbreak is a newly released jailbreak method compatible with iPhone SE device models. You can install newly released DirtyCow IPAs without jailbreaking and also without installing Cydia.

iPhone jailbreak - Dirty C0w

You can install DirtyC0w IPAs with 100 % online method. To get DirtyC0w IPAs online click on the download button. In this installation method you did not want the support of Sideloadly or Altstore.

From the support of Sildeloadly or Altstore you can install below tweaks. Visit DirtyC0w page to get more information on DirtyC0w IPAs. 

Misaka (Tweak manager)

Misaka is a newly released package manager that installs a thousand collections of tweaks without jailbreaking your device. This Tweak manager is based on the MacDirtyCOw vulnerability. 

This package manager is compatible with iPhone SE models including newly released device models and also Compatible with iOS 16 – iOS 16.1.2 and iOS 15 – iOS 15.7.1

iPhone jailbreak - Misaka

Misaka Jailbreak methods

Sideloadly for macOS and Windows

  1. Download and install Sideloadly 
  2. Select the IPA file you wish to install and download
  3. Connect your device in to PC or Mac
  4. Drag the IPA file in to Sideloadly > enter Apple ID and tap on “start”
Misaka - Step 1

5. Again enter your Apple ID and password

Misaka - Step 2

6. Wait until the installation process completed

7. Next Go to Device settings > General > Profile & Device management > Tap on Apple ID > Tap on Trust

iPA files using Altstore and Mac

  1. Download Altstore
  2. To unzip the download folder double click on it > drag the unzipped file to the application folder
  3. Open Altstore > you will see Altstore menu bar in the top right of menu bar > tap on “ install mail plugins”
  4. Tap on mail > go to mail preference > manage mail plugins and enable Altstore plugins > click on apply
  5. Connect your device in to mac >  if it asked to trust the connection trust it
  6. Go to menu bar of your mac > click on Altstore and download installs Altstore > enter your apple ID and password if required
  7. Wait until the installation process is completed. 
  8. Go to device settings > General > Device management >Select your apple ID and  trust
  9. Finally Altstore will appear on iOS device.

iPA files using Altstore for Windows

  1. Uninstall the Microsoft Version of iTunes 
  2. Download iTunes and iCloud from Apple site and install
  3. Download Altstore to your windows from  altstore.io and install
  4. You will find the altstore in Windows tray
  5. Connect Your iOS device in to PC > trust the connection first
  6. Next go to System tray > Select Altstore and install
  7. Enter your Apple ID and Password
  8. Go to settings of your iOS device > Device management > Click on your apple ID > Click on “trust”
  9. Finally You Altstore on your iOS device

Newly released Misaka Tweaks

  • Disable Homebar
  • Hide Homebar
  • Dock Color
  • Change Dock Color
  • ControlCenter Color
  • Change ControlCenter Color
  • LockScreen Icons
  • Coolwcat & US Ü3/ 1.0
  • Change LS UI
  • DialSound Piano
  • Coolwcat 1.0
  • Change dial sound to the piano
  • Enable Internal
  • システムをInternalモードに設定
  • RespringCC Shortcut
  • EÜ3/ 1.0
  • Install RespringCC before using
  • SpringAlert
  • US/ 1.2
  • beta alert and low battery alerts
  • CC WallPaper
  • Add the Shazam module before using
  • Font Apple Symbols
  • YangJiii 1.0

Best Misaka Tweaks

  • TinyBoss
  • Betterave
  • misaka. app
  • noxy
  • Coolwcat
  • YangJiii Repo’s
  • Lemin
  • ichitaso
  • Kumiki
  • Sugiuta
  • Huy Nguyen
  • Fonts Apple Symbols. change character support MDC
  • LS UI YangJiti
  • Change the camera and flash icon
  • Font Clock Group 1 ( IOS16 )
  • (A) YangJii 1.0
  • Change clock font on ios 16
  • Radar
  • YangJii 1.0
  • Show internal settings
  • Font Clock Group 1 (IOS 15 )
  • YangJiii 1.0
  • Change clock font on ios 15
  • Usagi Passcode
  • Yang Jiii 1.0
  • Change your passcode
  • LS UI NaYan
  • Change camera and flash icon
  • Hide Dock
  • © Hide the Dock
  • Open Supervis

Jailbreak iPhone 8/8 plus

If you are interested in iPhone 8 devices jailbreak one of the best solutions is Unc0ver jailbreak. Unc0ver jailbreak installs Cydia after the jailbreaking process is completed

iPhone jailbreak- Unc0ver jailbreak

Jailbreak iPhone 7/7plus

One of a best solutions to jailbreak iPhone 7 devices is the Checkra1n jailbreak. After the jailbreaking process is completed Checkra1n Jailbreak installs Cydia package manager.

iPhone jailbreak- Checkra1n Jailbreak

Jailbreak iPhone 6/6plus

Palera1n jailbreak can be marked as the best jailbreak solution for iPhone 6 device models. Palera1n jailbreak installs Sileo after the jailbreaking process is completed.

iPhone jailbreak - palera1n

iPhone Jailbreaking Pros & Cons

In the topic of iPhone jailbreak the iPhone users are interested in iPhone jailbreaking pros & cons. Because of that below we have listed the pros & cons in jailbreaking.

iPhone Jailbreaking Pros

  • Will able to add new features that are not allowed in the app store
  • You will be able to customize your device
  • Can install third party apps/tweaks
  • Ability to add new wallpapers, themes
  • Can get a new look to your iPhone

iPhone Jailbreaking Cons

  • Will avoid your device warranty
  • Device security issues may happen
  • The battery heath will reduce
  • Reduce the device speed
  • Lose access to content

Best iPhone Jailbreaks Tweaks

Tweaks are the apps that cannot be installed from the app store. From here you will find the tweaks suits for latest versions and old versions.

Jailbreak Tweaks for latest versions

Here we have listed the jailbreak tweaks that can be installed after completing the iPhone jailbreaking. 


Snowboard tweak allows you to add new themes, wallpapers, icons to your home screen. This is a newly released tweak that helps you to customize your iPhone.

Snowboard tweak


This is the best customization tweak you can get after the jailbreaking. You can personalize your device with Activator.

Activator tweak

Hive reborn

Hive reborn is a tweak that will change the interface of your device passcode entry interface. This interface appears as a beehive.

Hive Reborn tweak


From this tweak you can add volume and battery indicator as a percentage label to your home screen.

 Sugarcane13 tweak


From almpoum you can easily update your screen shots, save photos in a customized album and also you can share images with airdrop.

Almpoum tweak

Jailbreak Tweaks for old versions

Most popular old jailbreak tweaks are listed down below. you can install these tweaks after the jailbreaking process is completed.


From this tweak you can add more animated icons to your older iPhones and also you can create animated icons with Lua scripts.

Cylinder tweak


Grupi helps to categorize all the app notifications on the lock screen.

Grupi tweak


Shuffle tweak helps you to manage apps and tweaks. This shuffle jailbreak tweak is compatible with iOS 10 – iOS 14.8.1.

shuffle tweak

iPhone Jailbreaking FAQ

  1. Is iPhone jailbreaking legal?

Yes, iPhone jailbreaking is legal

  1. Will iPhone jailbreak decrease the security of the device?

After jailbreaking you are allowed to install third party apps. After installing third party apps it will be effect to the device security

  1. Does iPhone jailbreak avoid the device warranty?

There are some jailbreak solutions that are not avoiding the device warranty

  1. Can we re jailbreak the device?

Yes. you can

  1. Why jailbreaking ?

After jailbreaking you can customize your device and also you can add more exciting features that are not allowed in the App store.